Anniversary Updates

One and all,

Hello! With the summer over and the semester back in full swing, it’s time to get the CoSCo rock rolling. We have a busy schedule for the next few months, topped off by another social in December. But, beginning the academic year we’ll be jamming on the 25th of October. This has been a very useful exercise for all of us previously, and will be a good way to get new faces involved.

I hope everybody has managed to settle in, that the teaching is going well, and that the undergraduates aren’t too much of a pain (apologies to the undergrads amongst us, but let’s face the truth…). Personally, I’m really happy to see CoSCo continue beyond its first year of life. I’ve had a lot of fun organising events with Gerrit, and hope that the next year will be just as rich.

Upcoming Events, and a Guest Lecture

A quick post to inform you all of the occurrences here at CoSCo. Our next meeting is on the 23rd of February, and our Gerrit Kotzur will be delivering the lecture The Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Critical Discourse Studies. Click here for the abstract.

Additionally, we’re very lucky to have Lawrence Barsalou giving a guest lecture on the 17th of February. The talk will be in NB149 as part of the External Speaker Series hosted by the Department of Psychology. Having seen Larry talk a number of times before, I wholly encourage you come along and watch. See here for his abstract.