External Guest Speaker Jonas Nölle

For our next CoSCo on Tuesday, 7th Feb, at 5 pm in NB 149 we invited an external guest speaker.

Jonas Nölle is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. He is going to give a presentation entitled Motivation of Structure in the Evolution of Communication Systems. Read the abstract here.

Please join us for an interesting talk and discussions over a glass of wine (or water or orange juice). After the talk – once the last drop of wine is spilled – we are going to have some dinner and possibly breathe Newcastle’s pub air (location can be discussed at the meeting).

New Year Science Jam and Welcome Back

Dear CoSCodians,

we hope you had a good, relaxing (or productive) holiday. To kickstart the new year, we invite you to another one of our Science Jams on Wednesday, 18th January, at 5 pm in NB 149.

During the meeting, we can also discuss plans how to go forward in the new year and what we might have in mind for the next few months. Any ideas from your side would be greatly appreciated.

See you hopefully next week,

Gerrit & Ash

Anniversary Updates

One and all,

Hello! With the summer over and the semester back in full swing, it’s time to get the CoSCo rock rolling. We have a busy schedule for the next few months, topped off by another social in December. But, beginning the academic year we’ll be jamming on the 25th of October. This has been a very useful exercise for all of us previously, and will be a good way to get new faces involved.

I hope everybody has managed to settle in, that the teaching is going well, and that the undergraduates aren’t too much of a pain (apologies to the undergrads amongst us, but let’s face the truth…). Personally, I’m really happy to see CoSCo continue beyond its first year of life. I’ve had a lot of fun organising events with Gerrit, and hope that the next year will be just as rich.